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Missouri Millennium Badge
Arkansas Millennium Badge
5-Pointed Star w/Scalloped Edge 2-1/8"
Connecticut Millennium Badge
5 Point Star within Dotted Ring 2-1/16"
Georgia Millennium Badge
Boston Fire Dept. Rank 2-7/8"
Georgia Millennium Badge with Confederate Flag
Boston Fire Dept. 2-3/8"
Florida Millennium Badge
Shield w/Eagle on Top 3"
Illinois Millennium Badge
6-Point OH State Fire Marshall 2-1/2"
Ohio Millennium Badge
6-Point OH State Fire Marshall 1-3/4"
Texas Millennium Badge
Eagle over Shield Hat Badge 2-5/8"
Eagle over shield 2-1/2"
Eagle over Shield Hat Badge 2-1/2"
Eagle over shield 2-3/4"
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
CT Hat badge 2-3/4"
Texas Game Warden /Shield 2-1/2"
Sunburst w/Banner & Panel 1-3/4"
Texas Game Warden Anniversary /Shield 2-1/2"
5 Point Star w/Seal Pebble 2-5/8"
Texas Parks and Wildlife 1-3/4"
Sunburst w/panel 2-1/2"
Texas Parks and Wildlife 1-7/8"
6-Pointed Star in Circle 2-1/4"
Colorado River Authority/Star/Ring 1-7/8"
5-Pointed Star w/ Circle 2-1/4"
Waterbury CT Hat Badge
Wreath w/Circle & Panel 2-3/8"
Waterbury CT Breast Badge
Eagle/Shield w/4 Banners 2-1/2"
5-Point Star w/2 Panels 2-1/2"
Eagle over Shield 2"
5-Point Star w/2 Panels and Ring 2-1/2"
7-Pointed Star w/Balls on Tips 3"
7-Pointed Star 1-3/4"
7-Pointed Star in Circle 2-1/2"
7-Pointed Star 2-1/8"
7-Pointed Star in Circle 2-1/8"
7-Pointed Star 2-1/8 "
7-Pointed Star in Circle 1-7/8"
6-Pointed Star w/Ring 2-3/4"
5-Pointed FL Star 2-3/4"
6-Pointed Star 2"
5-Pointed FL Star 1-3/4"
5-Pointed Star w/Ring 2-3/8"
6-Pointed Star with 3 Panels1-7/8"
 N-148 5-Pointed Star w/Ring 2-1/8"
6-Pointed Star with 3 Panels 2-5/8"
5-Pointed Star 2-5/8"
6-Pointed Star 2-3/4"
Oval Burst w/build panel 3-1/2"
FL Star in Circle 2-1/2"
5-Pointed Star in Wreath
FL Star in Circle 2-1/4"
5-Pointed Star 1-1/2"
5-Point Star in Ring 2-1/8"
Eagle/Shield with 4 panels 2-1/2"
5-Pointed Star 1-1/2"
Shield w/Eagle on Top 2-1/2"
6-Pointed Star 2-7/8"
Oval Shield 2-3/4"
6-Pointed Star with Top Panel 2-7/8"
Eagle/Shield with 2 panels 2-7/8"
Eagle/Shield w/Ring Banner 3"
Shield with 4 panels 2-1/5"
CT Judicial Marshall 2-3/8"
Shield w/Eagle on Top 3-1/2"
Eagle/Shield with 4 Panels 3" Oval Shield - 4 panels
5-Pointed Star w/Balls on Tips 2-1/2"
Shield w/Eagle 2-1/2"
7-Pointed Star
Shield w/Panel on Eagle 2-3/4"
7-Pointed Star w/Circle 3"
Shield With Eagle 3"
5-Pointed Star 1-7/8"
Shield w/Cut-Out Eagle 3-1/8"
5-Pointed Star in Circle 2-1/4"
Hat Badge w/Eagle
5-Pointed Star 2-5/8"
DC - Special Police
6-Pointed Star 2-1/8"
OK Department of Corrections 3"
6 Point Star 3"
Shield w/Cut-Out Star 3"
Shield w/Eagle and Sunburst 3"
Shield with Star and 4 Panels 1-3/8"
Eagle/Shield 2-3/8"
Nameplate 3"x5/8"
Eagle/Shield 2-3/8"
Nameplate 2-1/2"x9/16"
Hat Badge Sheriff/Police 2"
Nameplate Served Since 2-1/2"x7/8"
Hat Badge Correctional Officer 2"
NJ Shield with Open Panel 2-9/16"
6-Pointed Star 2-1/2"
5 Point Star (Will County) Reverse Enamel
Harris County 7-Pointed Star 2-1/4"
With Upper/Lower Panel Reverse Enamel
Harris County 7-Pointed Star 2-3/4"
With Lower Panel Reverse Enamel
5-Pointed Star in Circle 2-3/4"
w/Upper Panel, Reverse Enamel
5-Pointed Star in Circle 2"
w/Upper/Lower Panel, No Reverse Enamel
5-Pointed Star in Circle 1-1/2"
w/Upper Panel, No Reverse Enamel
Eagle Over Sunburst 3"
Eagle/Shield with 4 Panels 1-1/2"
Sunburst 2-3/8"
Mini Shield w/Eagle
Eagle over Shield 2-1/2"
5-Pointed Star w/Wreath
5-Pointed Star in Circle 2 "
Star w/Wreath 1-7/8"
DC Metro Police 2-3/4"
7 Pointed Star w/Panel 2-3/4"
DC Metro Solid Back 2-3/4"
Shield w/Eagle and Sunburst
DC Metro (Cut-Out) 2-3/4"
Challenge Coin
DC Metro Police 2-1/4"
Bi-Fold w/ID Holder - Wallet
DC Metro Police Solid Back 2-1/4"
Tri-Fold - Wallet
DC Metro Police Hat Badge
Recessed Badge, Double ID-Wallet
DC Metro - Retired
Bi-Fold w/Flip-Out - Wallet
Eagle on Shield 2-1/2"
Belt Holder
5-Pointed Star 2"
Shields w/Eagle 3"
5-Pointed Star w/Ring 1-3/4"
Eagle over Shield 3"
5-Pointed Star w/Scalloped Ring and Panel 2-1/2"